I made this song two nights ago. A portion of the melody is based on a dream in which a man was mourning the death of a loved one. The only way he could let her go was to tap out this melody on the road with a stick. It was strange because in the dream, it sounded like a piano and strings.


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Anna Mlasowsky is a Traveler. Originally from Germany, she now resides in Seattle. She’ll tell you that she doesn’t belong anywhere. Everything is foreign to her, even her native language. This inability to communicate fuels her art. It’s the one outlet where she feels like her true thoughts can show. 


Here’s a nice little song I made. Listen to it if’n you would.

The story of a man who, after an accident in a lab, the Google Maps satellites mistake for a Starbucks. His life is changed forever.

Here’s a music video I directed for Imperial Mammoth’s “Fifty-Five Fires.”
It’s loaded with puppets and fires and everything else you could thing of.



Episode 1:

Erin Lamont is a choreographer from Detroit who now lives/works in L.A.

In 2010, after seeing a terrible Burlesque show at a bar, she called up the owner, lied, and created her Burlesque team “The Lalas”. She’s blunt and honest because she doesn’t have time for anything else besides her work and family. She’s absolutely determined to succeed and pushes and pushes until the doors open and she can get her girls inside, whether that’s a bar in L.A. or a no name casino somewhere in the midwest.




A cover of The Cars’ song “Drive” by Michael Gross and myself. Have a listen


here is a cover of holocene by bon iver i did with my friend matt glass!

i sent him a super simple version, and then he added to it without knowing the original song. it was a lot of fun.

Cassie Lopez and my cover of Bon Iver’s Holocene.

playing music with a lot of buttons.